2022 Tech Recap: Welcome To Recall Some Massive Technology News

Dec 15, 2022

2022 Tech Recap: Welcome To Recall Some Massive Technology News

Current year isn’t as calm and confident as it wanted to be. Let’s see: the pandemic situation is almost over, but still some unexpected things are happening around the world, like war, economical issues, etc. Despite all of these, 2022 is full of great tech news (unfortunately, the bad ones were in place too). 

How about don’t go so deep into all of these reasons why is this year are not the very best one, but let’s focus on some huge news in tech for the current year which already have an enormous impact in the world, which companies are still big and enterprised, which programming languages and frameworks are still will be in demand for the coming year etc. 

Welcome to the “2022 Tech Recap” 👇 

Big Tech News Of 2022

..of course, we are going to start with Twitter 😉 

1 What will be with Twitter? 

Elon Musk, the tech billionaire, took control of Twitter in October 2022. Instead of ushering in a new era of prosperity and efficiency, his reign has been marred by gaffes and scandals. First, Musk introduced a paid verification option on the platform, which immediately led to people impersonating famous people and large corporations. It didn't take long for Elon Musk to fire nearly half of the company's employees. And this was only a week after the official completion of the acquisition process to take over the company.

Well, let’s skip all of the topics with blue and gray Twitter checkmarks. Musk tweeted to his more than 100 million followers on 4 October that buying Twitter was "an accelerant to creating X, the everything app". Yes, Musk’s plan is to launch the 'everything app'. Musk told Twitter employees in June that the platform should be more like the Chinese WeChat, an app that allows for instant messaging, social media, and mobile payment. "You basically live on WeChat in China," Musk said, according to the Verge. We'll be a huge success if we can replicate that with Twitter."

2 Bankruptcy Filings and Crypto Market Crashes

The cryptocurrency market had a wild year in 2022, with bankruptcies, crashes, and market instability as the year's theme. The first and most significant shock to the cryptocurrency market occurred when Terra Luna/USD fell, wiping out nearly all of its value. Many analysts hailed the coin as an emerging asset class, but when it crashed, it wiped out many other digital assets, causing widespread market instability. 

Similarly, Celsius, one of the most popular crypto lending platforms, abruptly closed its doors, leaving customers without funds and raising concerns about their safety. BlockFi and Three Arrows Capital (3AC) were also forced to declare bankruptcy due to mismanagement of funds.

3 What about Amazon’s Alexa? 

Alexa has had a troubling 2022 despite being one of the most popular voice assistants on the market. According to reports, Amazon's voice assistant is now only used for simple commands like playing music or asking about the weather. Several media reports, based primarily on a Business Insider report, claim that Alexa is on track to cost Amazon billions of dollars.

Amazon restructured its operations in response. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy issued a statement regarding job cuts in the face of uncertainty and economic difficulties. And, despite Jassy's assurances that Alexa will have plenty of opportunities in the future, Alexa appears to be a failed project at the moment, with rumors of employees dismissing the voice assistant as a waste of time.

4 The dominance of big tech in the advertising market is waning

Big tech's ad revenue reached new heights. Amazon, Google, and Facebook/Meta each saw their share of ad revenues outside of China double over the previous five years, according to estimates from Group M. Google, Facebook, and Amazon now have control over 64.1% of the US advertising market. 

Indeed, news publishers' digital ad revenue has significantly decreased as a result of big tech dominance. Display and native advertising will no longer be publishers' primary sources of income in 2022. In two years, display advertising has decreased from 81% to 73%. From 75% to 59%, native advertising has decreased even more sharply. This decline has occurred at the same time as both the focus on digital subscriptions for publishers and the rapid expansion of big tech dominance.

5 Europe takes action to curb the influence of big tech 

The European Union has decided on its rules regarding the future of the European Digital Market, so big tech beware. And it appears that big tech's lobbying efforts have been unsuccessful. The Digital Markets Act and The Digital Services Act are the two main pieces of legislation. How will they affect the big tech?

The Acts requires tech companies to act more quickly to remove harmful and illegal products and content from their platforms, act more forcefully to stop the spread of false information, and be open about their algorithmic processes. The DSA "sets out an unprecedented new standard for the accountability of online platforms regarding illegal and harmful content," according to the European Commission.

Top  World Enterprise Companies of 2022

Thanks to the UserGuiding research, we can spotlight the Biggest Companies of 2022. We mention only valuable stats for the companies below, for additional information you can click here.

1: Amazon 

  • Popular Products: Amazon Store, Amazon Prime, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Alexa, Twitch, Goodreads
  • Market Value: $1,468.4B
  • Employee Size: 1,608,000 

2: Apple 

  • Popular Products: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, MacBook
  • Market Value: $2,640.32B
  • Employee Size: 164,000 

3: Alphabet Inc. 

  • Popular Products: Android, Google, YouTube
  • Market Value: $1,581.72B 
  • Employee Size: 186,779

4: Microsoft 

  • Popular Products: Microsoft, MS Office, Microsoft Teams, Visual Studio
  • Market Value: $2,054.37B
  • Employee Size: 221,000 

5: Samsung Group 

  • Popular Products: Phones, televisions, and other tech devices 
  • Market Value: $367.26B
  • Employee Size: +320,000

6: Tencent Holdings 

  • Popular Products: WeChat, PUBG Mobile, QQ, Riot Games
  • Market Value: $414.28B 
  • Employee Size: 112,771

7: Meta Platforms 

  • Popular Products: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger
  • Market Value: $499.86B
  • Employee Size: 83,553 

8: Cisco Systems 

  • Popular Products: Cisco ONE, Cisco DNA, Cisco+
  • Market Value: $213.36B
  • Employee Size: 79,500 

9: Oracle Corporation 

  • Popular Products: Oracle Cloud, Java, MySQL, Oracle Linux 
  • Market Value: $203.34B 
  • Employee Size: 143,000

10: Broadcom Inc.

  • Popular Products: Symantec Enterprise Cloud, Rally Software
  • Market Value: $239.64B
  • Employee Size: 20,000 

Top 5 Promising Startups of 2022 

Thanks again for the UserGuiding report, we can look up the hottest Startups of 2022 - who seeded the most, who employed more members etc all this you can see here. But here let’s focus on Top 5 ones: 


Funding: Series B (latest funding on March 16, 2022) 

An organized marketing platform is offered by the Australian tech company Linktree to brands, publishers, and influencers. They claim that you can manage various pages with a single link and direct your customers to the most pertinent one.


Funding:  Series C (latest funding round on October 12, 2021)

A Swedish SaaS company called Funnel assists marketers in data analysis and insight presentation. It is a no-code tool with various plans for various business types and their needs.

So Syncd 

Funding: Pre-Seed funding (raised $1M)

Syncd is a free dating app that matches users based on personality types. The founding sisters of So Syncd, Jess and Lou, thought it took too long and was generally wasted time to find a compatible partner.


Funding: Series A 

A marketing tool called Manychat automates interactive conversations on various social media sites like Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

Group Greeting 

Revenue: $5M

People can write and sign cards for various occasions collectively using Group Greeting

If you would like to know more about Top Startups around the world, the TopStartups.io resource can give you a hand with this - they have really simple and convenient search filters. 

Top 5 Ukrainian Startups 2022 

Ukrainians are having a really tough time now. And we know why. Despite all of the tragedies ukrainians meet every day of this year since February 24, they keep fighting on all the frontes, and the IT sector isn’t exception. Even this year, the Ukrainian Tech Market have something that we are really proud of: 


AirSlate, a startup in workflow automation, raised $51.5 million in a Series B round in June. The startup had a $1.25 billion market value. Its total outside funding increased to $181.5 million after this round. 

Users of AirSlate have access to no-code tools for business process automation, such as PDF editing and workflow for electronic signatures. The startup boasts 100 million users and over 900,000 customers worldwide. 


Preply, a platform for tutoring, raised $50 million in a Series C round in July while keeping its valuation a secret. With this round, its outside funding reached $101.1 million.

The education-focused round was led by Owl Ventures and included a total of eight investors. Educapital, Evli Growth Partners, Hoxton Ventures, and Diligent Capital are a few additional investors.

English, German, Arabic, French, Polish, and Ukrainian are just a few of the 50 languages that tutors can teach on Preply's platform. According to the schedules and learning objectives of the students, AI is used to locate teachers. According to the startup, it employs 32,000 tutors in 190 nations.

Spin Technology

Spin Technology, a provider of data security software, increased its funding to $18 million in August by raising $16 million in a Series A round. The company had a $55 million market value.

Santa Barbara Venture Partners, Blu Venture Investors, and Blueprint Equity provided the funding (lead investor).

A SaaS provider of data security, Spin Technology guards businesses against ransomware, human error, and other cloud threats. Its software detects ransomware on various platforms, including Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365, similarly to an antivirus program. It has the ability to make backups and automatically evaluate risks. 


The $15 million Series A round raised by nanotechnology startup ATLANT 3D in September brought its total funding to $17.2 million. The valuation at which it closed the round was kept a secret. The round's lead investor, the British venture capital firm West Hill Capital, hasn't been identified.

ATLANT 3D is a deep-tech startup that develops technology that makes it possible to produce materials and electronics down to the atomic scale. Its motto is "(We are) revolutionizing electronics of tomorrow atom by atom."

On its website, it lists STMicroelectronics, Sony, and NASA as some of the companies it collaborates with.

Fintech Farm

Fintech Farm raised $7.4 million in January during its first Seed round of funding while keeping its valuation a secret. Four additional investors joined Flyer One Ventures and Solid in the round, along with AVentures Capital, TA Ventures, u.ventures, and Jiji.

Co-founders of the business include Dmytro Dubilet, Mykola Bezkrovnyy, and Alexander Vityaz. The company has two offices, one each in Dnipro and Kyiv, and approximately 200 people work there. 


For all of you, who want to know more about all the Ukrainian Startups of 2022, click on SeedTable, this resource has an ultimate list of all the hottest ones. 

…well, we talked quite enough about enterprise companies and seed startups, let’s switch to major programming languages upgrades. 

Top Biggest Upgrades in Programming Languages and Frameworks 

This 2022 Tech Recap isn’t full without mention of major programming languages and frameworks upgrades: 

So, Ruby with Ruby on Rails and JavaScript with its libraries still are going to be in huge demand for the coming year. 

Let’s list some preferred usage of programming languages and frameworks: 

  • JavaScript, Elm, TypeScript are used in front-end web development
  • JavaScript, Scala, Python, Go, Ruby are useful for back-end web development
  • Swift, Java, Objective C, JavaScript serve in mobile development
  • Unity, TypeScript are typical in game development
  • Scala, Go, Python are popular for developing desktop applications
  • Go, Rust are perfect for systems programming 

So, it can be strongly assumed that all technologies above will be not only just popular but in high demand as well. But let’s talk about this later, and now let’s stop by on some stats about usage of these tools in the 2022 year. 

Top 6 Used Programming Languages 2022


Devjobscanner gather some information about this: 


The most popular programming language currently in use worldwide is JavaScript. This is for a good reason: most web browsers utilize it and it's one of the easiest languages to learn. Nearly no prior coding experience is necessary to learn JavaScript; once you get started, you can start using it right away.


Python is a general-purpose programming language that enables programmers to use a variety of programming paradigms when developing programs (such as functional, object-oriented, reflective, etc.). Python was used to create a number of well-known digital tools and platforms, such as YouTube, Google Search, and iRobot robots. Additionally, after Python, it is the second most sought-after programming language for hiring managers in the Americas, according to HackerRank


With 125K jobs discovered (about 5% of the total job demand), Ruby is the top-ranked programming language. It is most frequently used in conjunction with the Ruby on Rails web framework. Even though the top seven may not seem like much, Ruby powers some of the most well-known tech firms of the moment, including Twitter, Crunchbase, and Github.


Java came in at number three as the third most popular programming language. Since its introduction in 1995, the Java language has gained a lot of popularity. With the advent of more contemporary languages like Kotlin, this popularity has been declining over the past few years, but it still occupies a strong top three position. Many top-tier companies use frameworks like Spring, which is helping to maintain that position. 


C# takes the top four spots. A general-purpose, multi-paradigm, object-oriented programming language called C# was developed primarily to address some of C++'s shortcomings. C# has many different use cases because it is a general-purpose language. The.NET framework is where C# is most frequently used. It is also heavily utilized for scripting in the Unity game framework. The.NET framework and Unity are both well-liked by elite businesses. 


The first version of C was released fifty years ago, and C++, which was initially known as "C with Classes," first appeared 37 years later. Due to ongoing additions and enhancements to the language, C/C++ has remained popular for a very long time. Object-oriented, generic, and functional features are all included in modern C++. Additionally, it makes low level memory manipulation easier. C++ has a wide range of applications in the industry, including video games, servers, databases, space probes, and many more. 


Are you ready to bring a new valuable product to the world in the coming 2023 year? Innovation Feel is here to help you with developing app for your business which will meet all customer needs in the coming year - just text us and we will be in touch with you shortly 🚀 

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