Breathtaking Upsides of IT Staff Augmentation Services for Your Business

Sep 22, 2022

Breathtaking Upsides of IT Staff Augmentation Services for Your Business

Staff Augmentation is the process of supplementing your existing staff with temporary professionals on an as-needed basis. Because of the numerous projects, staff augmentation is so common in the IT industry. While many businesses have the expertise to handle all of their demands, others may lack specific knowledge or expertise in a particular area. 95% of businesses report that finding skilled professionals is extremely or somewhat difficult.

In such cases, businesses are forced to supplement their existing staff with new professionals on a project-by-project basis.

IT Staff Augmentation: Stats 

  • SpendEdge, a market intelligence firm, predicted that the global staff augmentation services market would grow at a 3.53% CAGR between 2021 and 2025, reaching $81.87 billion in incremental spend.
  • Up to 75% of organizations are likely to work with custom software development companies to obtain services as well as employees when needed.

When to use IT staff augmentation 

IT project requirements vary depending on a variety of factors, including project duration, nature, client type, and so on. Because of the sheer variety, a rigid "one-size-fits-all" approach is not appropriate. IT necessitates a far more adaptable approach, and it is here that the nuanced potential of staff augmentation truly shines. 

So, you should use IT Staff Augmentation Services in order to: 

  • To increase capacity in place to meet a surge in demand

Assume you are the CTO of a successful security company that specializes in creating cutting-edge, easy-to-install home security systems. And there has been a sudden, unprecedented spike in demand for your products and services as a result of a series of break-ins in your city. As a result, you must increase your capacity as soon as possible. Hiring a team for a few weeks is the best solution in this situation. This is where IT staff augmentation can come in handy.

  • To gain access to skills for one-time projects

You may have a fantastic local development team at your disposal, one that is more than capable of delivering software on time. However, your company may occasionally take on a project that necessitates specialized skills that your current team may lack. In such cases, IT staff augmentation enables you to integrate skilled developers into your existing team to help complete the project.

  • To keep up with the competition

Businesses can use IT staff augmentation to stay ahead of the curve in some cases. For example, if your company wants to get a new product to market before your competitor or launch a new feature on your website as soon as possible, you can use the staff augmentation model to hire flexible workers on a contract basis who can deliver quickly.

The Proven Advantages of IT Staff Augmentation


While hiring new full-time employees for a specific project is an option, it requires more energy, money, and time to onboard the employee - plus, you often have no need for them after the project is completed.

Instead, staff augmentation allows your company to bring in new experts on a temporary basis. You avoid many of the costs associated with internal employee benefits and salaries, and you have the option of hiring on a project basis.

You can find the specific skillsets your company requires

Staff augmentation provides you with temporary staff, which is ideal for short-term projects. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to precisely fill the skill gaps that your internal team currently has. Using the staff augmentation model, your company can identify the specific areas of expertise or skills that its internal team lacks and then find the appropriate temporary staff for your project - all while keeping costs low.

It gives you control over the process

While staff augmentation is a type of outsourcing, it gives organizations and businesses a lot more control over the experience and skills they expect from their temporary employees. Because temporary hires will most likely be working alongside full-time employees, you can easily monitor their work.

One of the most significant disadvantages of complete outsourcing is the lack of easy oversight and access to individual staff members. You can maintain the fidelity, confidentiality, and quality of your projects while also influencing the work done on them in real time.


Staff augmentation allows you to communicate with and control your remote team members directly. They can seamlessly integrate with your in-house staff, allowing you to pivot on a dime, reassign tasks, and change course as needed.

There are no hiring complications

A staff augmentation firm performs all of the functions of a traditional staffing agency, including recruiting, training, and vouching for the employees who will assist in bringing your software to market. These employees are full members of your team, dedicated to you for as long as you require them. 


In summary, IT staff augmentation services will benefit businesses by:

  • On an as-needed basis, hire the best talent.
  • Maintain long-term employee flexibility.
  • Enhance software security and data privacy.

Overburdened tech executives who need to focus on their core business and future growth value these IT staff augmentation services especially. Furthermore, the in-house staff enjoys this arrangement. This is due to the fact that these augmented employees reduce their workload, improve the quality of the final software, and do not jeopardize their position within the company.

If you are in search of the IT Staff Augmentation Services in place to add a significant member to your development team, Innovation Feel can give you a hand - just call or text us and we will be in touch with you shortly. 

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