Must-Have Slack Integrations For A Convenient Work Process

Oct 27, 2022

Must-Have Slack Integrations For A Convenient Work Process

Slack is a cloud-based software application that provides real-time messaging, file sharing, and group collaboration. It's an amazing tool for workflow which unites teams from all over the world in more well-timed and organized ways. 

Slack can be integrated with nearly any tool you use at work due to its built-in solutions which are almost 2000 thousands. Here we have gathered some of the most popular and useful integrations that can help you with your workflow if you are an entrepreneur or a software developer. 

Let’s start! 

How to Add Slack Integrations? 

Slack has its own app directory, but you can also integrate third-party developer apps. Be aware - the free version of Slack allows you to add only 10 apps (tools) to your workspaces. If you are considering adding more you should sign up for one of Slack's paid subscription plans to gain unlimited access to other integrations. 

Follow these steps to install any integrations from the Slack:

  1. Go to your Slack workspace and click Apps.
  2. If you already know what app you want to install, you can search for it on this page. 
  3. Then you should click selected integrations and choose “Connect your account”. You will be asked for access permissions - “allow” should be clicked. This takes you to the account sign-in page.
  4. The app will be connected to your workspace and appear on the left side after you sign in. You'll also receive a message informing you of the available app alerts and commands.

Hooray! You successfully connected integration(-s). But before that let’s jump on a Top Slack Integrations List. If you are planning to add some from the roll below, you can easily click on “Get for Slack” link after each item. 

Must-Have Slack Integrations List 


You might have heard of Donut but this list without this app can’t be named “must-have list”. Donut helps teams build and strengthen connections by randomly pairing coworkers together via Slack for coffee or lunch, fostering collaboration and creativity among team members. Donut is especially useful for onboarding new employees because it can help them become acquainted with your company and get up to speed quickly. 

Get Donut for Slack 


Of course, you also might be using Trello but did you know that Trello can be integrated in your Slack workspace either? Trello allows teams to collaborate visually on and manage to-do lists and tasks within Slack. Allowing teams to have a shared perspective on projects can increase efficiency and productivity while preventing tasks from falling through the cracks.

Trello automatically notifies your Slack channel of any card changes, keeping everyone up to date without the need to manually check for updates.

Get Trello for Slack


Zapier automates the transfer of information between these other platforms and Slack, allowing you to bring calendar events, to-do lists, and lead details directly into your team's channel, saving you the time of manually switching between platforms. Instead, you can concentrate on more important tasks to maintain your workflow. 

Get Zapier for Slack 

Jira Cloud

Jira Cloud is an agile project management tool that works with Slack to allow team members to track issues and bugs across multiple projects. Jira can assist anyone, from marketing teams to customer service representatives to software designers, in reaching their full potential and improving workflow organization.

This app sends custom notifications about any Jira activity to a Slack channel and allows members to create new tickets without leaving the app. This allows them to tackle any blockers they come across quickly and effectively.

Get Jira Cloud for Slack 


Polly enables teams to create custom polls within a Slack channel and view real-time results and statistics, and it has been shown to increase survey participation rates by more than 30%. To begin collecting feedback, simply mention @polly in your preferred channel and add your poll. 

Get Polly for Slack 


The GitHub app enables developers to manage and collaborate on GitHub code from within Slack. Your team can stay up to date on pull requests, code issues, and code reviews by sending notifications directly into your chosen Slack channel, so everyone knows what tasks to focus on.

The app also notifies the team when someone opens an issue or request, ensuring that everyone is aware of their coworkers' tasks and can, as a result, establish clear accountability.

Get GitHub for Slack


ScrumGenius uses a bot to automate daily standups for Slack teams. ScrumGenius fosters better communication among team members and can boost overall productivity by eliminating inefficiencies commonly found in prep work for traditional, in-person Scrum meetings.

Every day at a predetermined time, the Scrum bot asks team members a series of predefined questions about what they accomplished the day before, what they intend to accomplish today, and what roadblocks they have encountered.

Get ScrumGenius for Slack


Drift enables customer service and sales teams to manage sales leads and customer conversations within Slack. When a lead initiates a conversation with your site's Drift widget, a message is sent to you in a predefined Slack channel. You can then respond to it in Drift or a new Slack channel, so you don't even have to leave the app to respond.

Get Drift for Slack


HubSpot is the most popular marketing CRM on the market, according to Finances Online and many other sources.

HubSpot is a platform for inbound marketing, sales, and service that manages and accelerates website traffic and company growth. The most used feature of HubSpot in Slack: a sales rep can create a task in HubSpot and associate it with a contact, company, or deal in Slack.

Get Hubspot for Slack


Mailchimp is a great tool for businesses to use to create and schedule outbound email and social media marketing campaigns. Small businesses can also benefit from landing pages and Google remarketing ads.

Get Mailchimp for Slack here

Google Analytics Insights

Google Analytics provides real-time and historical reports and insights into your website's user acquisition and behavior.

When Google Analytics is linked to Slack, you can integrate your Google ad campaigns and send ad reports to your channel on a daily or weekly basis; manage your advertising budget. Also, when your data changes, you will receive AI-driven alerts.

Get Google Analytics Insights for Slack 


ReviewFlowz is a Slack bot that collects reviews from the most popular review platforms, such as Trustpilot and Capterra, and sends them to the Slack channel of your choice. Each new review is converted into a Slack message that you can work on as a team in a thread.

You can use ReviewFlowz with Slack to receive notifications when new reviews about your product are posted on any review platform and when new reviews about your competitors' products are posted.

Get ReviewFlowz for Slack

Surely, we get listed the most common integrations for Slack but still some of them or, maybe, all of the mentioned can be useful for you and your work process. If you are interested in more, you can easily explore it by yourself by clicking “Apps” in Slack or you can use other listings (like this, for example). 

You didn’t find the right integration for you? Or you definitely have one in mind to build? Talk to us and we will help you to develop a business product which meets consumer needs. Let’s stay in touch! 

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