Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use ReactJS In Your Next Project

Aug 18, 2022

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use ReactJS In Your Next Project

Front-end development technology has been evolving almost continuously, with new tools, frameworks, and libraries being released almost every day.

The number of options makes it difficult for marketers and entrepreneurs to choose. And here ReactJS comes up as a most well-known library. It is one of the most popular front-end development frameworks today.  

What makes ReactJS so loved by both developers and entrepreneurs? Let’s find out! 

What is React? 

React is a JavaScript library that uses a component-based approach to create declarative user interfaces (UIs). It handles the view layer and can be used in web and mobile apps. The primary goal of React is to be extensive, fast, declarative, flexible, and simple.

React is not a framework; it is a library. The reason for this is that React only deals with rendering UIs and leaves many things up to individual projects. The stack refers to the standard set of tools for developing an application with ReactJS.

Popularity of ReactJS

According to Statista research, ReactJS is in 2nd place from Most used web frameworks among developers worldwide. 

Here are some other key statistics that show the value of React JS in the world of web development: 

  • The library is currently used by over 7.4 million live websites. 
  • On GitHub, it has more than 170,000 stars.
  • It is the fourth most popular framework among developers in 2021, with 69.28% choosing it.

Benefits of Using ReactJS

The following are the Top 5 Reasons of using ReactJS for your web app development projects: 

1. Simplicity

React, unlike AngularJS, EmberJS, and VueJS, is a UI library rather than a framework. This makes it easier to use and master, and it speeds up and simplifies the UI development process. However, for some developers, React's narrow focus on the user interface may be a limitation.

2. Powered Productivity 

Productivity and efficiency are important. This is especially important for startups, as they need to get their products on the market and tested as soon as possible. As a result, everyone is looking for a solution that will allow them to achieve a desirable result in a short period of time.

React has a significant advantage in this regard because it allows the creation of module-like reusable code fragments known as components.

3. Create high-performance, scalable apps

React's virtual DOM is one of its most notable features. The virtual DOM in React is a copy of the actual DOM. Virtual DOM determines which parts of the site require modification (after a user action or after receiving data from an API, for instance). Only the relevant part of the DOM is changed as a result of this check. Without React, the entire DOM would be altered.

4. SEO-friendly

Your website's content and structure must be rendered and indexed before search engines can evaluate and rank it.

React allows you to create server-side rendering web applications (SSR). This allows search engines to quickly index website pages and rank your website higher. Client-side rendering (CSR) websites go through a more complicated indexing process, which is slower and less reliable, and can result in a lower search ranking.

5. High Quality Code

React enables developers to create reusable user interface components. This reduces bugs and increases code stability. The ability to reuse components also reduces the time required for app testing. Once unit tests have proven that a particular component works without crashing, it can be reused in other parts of the app without further testing.

Companies Choose ReactJS

React is used to create fast and versatile interfaces. It's one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. React is used to build many of the top websites in a variety of industries. Meta, Netflix, Uber, Airbnb, and The New York Times are among the most well-known companies that use the framework.


The Facebook development team created the ReactJS library over a decade ago. Later, the company created React Native for mobile development. Because of the framework, the Facebook website and app look completely different. The development team used a combination of the React library and Relay, a GraphQL client for React, to improve


To ensure customer satisfaction, Netflix strives to provide high-quality service. The team updated its look in 2015 with a React UI. Many factors, including startup development speed, runtime performance, and modularity, influenced its decision to use React.


Since its inception, the Uber engineering team has used React Native features. It was used by the team to create a number of open-source libraries. Furthermore, the Uber team created Base Web, a design system that provides reusable user interface components. It is based on React and allows you to create device-agnostic user interfaces.


Since implementing React, Airbnb has been able to grow. Each new version adds useful features for upgrading and maintaining a large peer-to-peer marketplace like Airbnb.


Atlassian is a software development company based in Australia best known for its bug tracking systems, JIRA and Confluence. Atlassian deploys changes across all platforms, including desktop, web, and mobile apps, using core React methods.


Asana is a web and mobile application that assists teams in organizing, tracking, and managing their work. To address its customers' performance issues, the company chose React to redesign its front end. Asana was able to overcome most of its UI challenges related to focus and animation thanks to ReactJS' virtual DOM implementation capability.

We have learned from this article that ReactJS has some fantastic benefits that make it one of the most preferred front-end developers, owing to features such as flexibility, ease of maintenance, quick development, trouble-free transitions, and much more, making it an ideal development service. 

Hire ReactJS Developers with Innovation Feel!

We can create a high-performance React application for you to help your business grow. Just text us and we will be in touch with you shortly. 

If you still have some questions about ReactJS work, keep in touch for further updates in our blog. 

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